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Marshall Bayley is a leading specialist insurance talent partner for insurance carriers, reinsurance, health care services and management consulting firms.

Hiring challenges facing the insurance industry

The number of open jobs in the insurance industry has increased dramatically, and firms aren’t able to hire people fast enough to keep up with outgoing employees. As companies look to hire more diverse workforces and attract millennials and gen Z talent, the availability in the market gets snapped up quickly. Organizations are not only competing with their peers, but with every industry for talent. Recruiting difficulties have reached their highest levels, particularly in the areas of actuarial, analytics, claims, underwriting and technology.

There has also been a wave of retirements, and insurers are struggling to fill the spots left by longtime employees. As firms grow, some functions will need more support, while others will be better primed to use technology, like insurtech and AI. This means some jobs will be replaced by technology, whilst other jobs will be enhanced by technology and other jobs will require more staff – areas where people can shift to, if their job is replaced.

How we support companies with their hiring

We are committed to source in-demand professionals to build, transform and grow their careers across the insurance sector. Successfully helping insurance companies with their recruitment involves a combination of planning, targeted approaches, and leveraging modern recruitment techniques. This includes the following activities:

Understand the Company’s Needs: understanding the insurance company’s specific hiring requirements and the roles they are looking to fill. Roles such as underwriters, agents, claims adjusters, actuaries, and support staff, have distinct skill sets and qualifications

Utilize Digital Recruitment Platforms: In today’s digital age, online recruitment platforms are essential. We utilize a combination of professional networking sites, specialized insurance portals and job boards to reach a broader and more relevant audience. Using data and technology to engage and measure recruitment effectiveness

Continuous Talent Pooling: maintaining a strong talent pool of potential candidates even when there are no immediate job openings. Proactively approaching candidates and not relying solely on applications to open roles. Provide relevant information to candidates to increase awareness of firms and opportunities

Strong US Network: Proactively connecting with and sharing opportunities with the right candidates. This can include seeking professionals with transferable skills as well as specialists within a specific field

Industry events: Provide insights into opportunities and risks that can impact recruitment

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Services Provided


Providing strong actuarial professionals with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics and risk analysis


Expertise in sourcing brokers with a deep understanding of insurance products and markets


Delivering claims experts with strong analytical skills, attention to detail, knowledge of insurance policies and procedures

Data & Analytics

Recruiting specialists in analyzing insurance data and extracting valuable insights to support decision-making

Investment Management

Expertise in sourcing investment management professionals – making informed investment decisions, monitor market trends, analyze risks, and generate returns

Risk Management

Matching risk professionals with skills including identification of potential risks, assessment, developing risk mitigation strategies and ensuring regulatory requirements are met

Technology & Operations

Delivering strong technology & operations hires including insurtech, cloud, digital transformation, architects and cyber professionals


Matching talent underwriters with backgrounds in evaluation, policy terms and pricing, decision making on insurability and managing risks

Benefits of working with us


Highly experienced recruitment professionals across insurance, financial services and technology. Consultants have strong inhouse and recruitment agency experience. Track record of hiring talent across the United States.

Marshall Bayley were founded in response to the evolving needs of the insurance industry with the vision to fill a crucial gap in the recruitment market. Recognizing the challenges and unique requirements of insurance companies in finding highly skilled professionals, we are a specialized recruitment agency dedicated to serving the insurance sector.


Robust network of insurance industry professionals, encompassing both junior and senior talent. Our network boasts a wide array of transferable skills and specialized expertise, providing us with a competitive edge in identifying candidates tailored to specific needs. With access to both active job seekers and passive candidates, we can proactively engage with potential candidates to discuss exciting opportunities. 

Our connections within various professional communities keep us well-informed about industry trends and ensure we stay ahead in the dynamic landscape. Continuous talent pooling is at the core of our approach, allowing us to maintain an updated and diverse pool of candidates, fostering innovation and inclusivity. Our commitment to building strong relationships with clients enables us to understand their requirements thoroughly, delivering exceptional matches for their organizations.

Resourcing Time

Our approach saves valuable time, money, and resources for our clients.We focus on key metrics that are crucial for our clients’ success. By understanding the financial implications of not filling positions promptly and efficiently, we aim to optimize the time to hire, increase the fill rate, and strategically utilize candidate sourcing channels. 

Our goal is to ensure successful placements that perfectly align with the needs of both clients and candidates. We prioritize quick and effective communication, minimizing the time taken to share suitable roles with candidates and investing time in discussing the opportunities with them.

Sourcing the talent you need

Get in touch with us to share some information about your recruitment needs, and we will reach out to provide assistance. 

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