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Underwriting is a critical function for insurance firms, playing a key role in assessing risks, determining premiums, and maintaining financial stability. Underwriting roles have become more specialized in certain areas and there is a growing demand for underwriters with expertise in niche markets such as cyber insurance, renewable energy, healthcare, or specialty lines like aviation or marine. These specialized underwriters possess industry-specific knowledge and understanding of unique risk profiles. 

Pursuing certifications such as Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Commercial Underwriting (AU), or other industry-specific designations can enhance career prospects and demonstrate expertise in underwriting.

Actuaries and experienced underwriters are “gold dust” in the current recruitment market. High demand for junior to senior underwriters. 

At Marshall Bayley, we have a strong professional network from junior to senior underwriters. Our coverage includes individuals with experience across insurance carriers, reinsurance firms and health care services.   

Areas Covered

  • Property & Casualty
  • Life / Life Sciences
  • Health
  • Annuity
  • Marine
  • Catastrophe
  • Technology / Cyber
  • Title

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